Miami University. Italian Americans in Ohio.

IAOOHP (Italian American in Ohio Oral History Project)

Our Mission:

The aim of our project is to create a space to talk about Italian American Culture in the U.S. and in Ohio in particular. The Miami University Italian Americans in Ohio Oral History Project (IAOOHP) aims to collect audio – and video – recorded oral histories of Italian Americans living in Ohio as well as selected related documents such as photo albums, photographs, scrapbooks, diaries, letters, or other artifacts for inclusion in the project’s collection. The interviews and related documents will serve as a record of Italian American experience and as a scholarly and educational resource for the general public. The website will also include news about Italian American organizations, scholarly researches related to Italian and Italian American culture, a list of K-12 schools that offer classes of Italian in Ohio and links to websites related to Italian American culture.  

Sante Matteo
Peter Pedroni
Alexandria Chiaberta
Robert Rosa
Corrina and Angela Siciliano
Vincent Palozzi
Rocco Manzo
Linda Fishbach
Nicoletta Serenata
Kim Rubino Ceccarelli
Steve Milano
Arthur Petrini
Suzanne Perazzo
Emma K. Coleman
William Bausano
Annie and Susan Settevendemie
Linda Settevendemie Kelly
Joe Geraci
Louisa Scarpelli Dreety
Gloria Talarico
Corey Hart
Michael Angelo DiLauro
Gerardo Perrotta
Mike Sanson
Dan Minelli
Noah Montague

If you are interested in sharing your story or if you want to contribute to the project, please contact us.

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News and Events

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Tony Bennett, the world-renowned singer whose career spanned decades, was also a talented painter. Learn more about how an art institute in Ohio got his career started.

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The Power of a Mystery

Discover the history of Italian American business, determination, and success in Hamilton, Ohio in this article featuring Brad Spurlock’s research, manager of the Smith History Library and Cummins Room at Lane Public Library.

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