Cleveland: The Feast of the Assumption has been cancelled due to COVID-19

This is a link to an article on “La Gazzetta Italiana” about the cancellation of the 2020 Feast of the Assumption in Cleveland. Very sad.

Mary Kovach Interviews Aaron Caruso

Please check this link to read the interview by Dr. Mary Kovach to the Italian American singer Aaron Caruso for the ItalyUSA Magazine:

Screening of a Documentary on Cristoforo Colombo (Christopher Columbus)

We all know that in the last few years there have been protests about Cristoforo Colombo: statues of him have been destroyed, and there is a proposal of renaming Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day. The time is right to re-examine history through a documentary and a fiction film entitled “Columbus on Trial”. The film…
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Sante Matteo – First Communion

Many thanks to Sante Matteo for sharing this picture that depicts him at the time of his first communion.

Celebrating Federico Fellini Centennial with an Online Conversation

Federico Fellini (born in 2020) changed the world of cinema forever, and with his movie “La dolce vita” reshaped the image of Italy all over the world. We are happy to share a link to an online conversation moderated by Alessandro Ago, Director of Programming and Special Projects, USC School of Cinematic Arts. The participants…
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