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Emma Coleman’s pictures

Emma Coleman’s great grandparents (“Bisnonni”) Camillo DiSerio and Camella Amicone with their first and second sons Giovanni and Antonio. This is the first professional photo that they took in America. A picture of the DiSerio Family in Roswell. Camillo DiSerio and Camella Amicone had 12 children but only 9 appear in the picture, because two…
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Italian websites review “Don’t Cut the Basil”

We are happy to share the news: the cookbook “Don’t Cut The Basil” has been reviewed by several Italian websites (mostly in Sicily) as a book that promotes Sicilian cuisine un the U.S. Many congratulations to Mary, Angela and Corrina! Il basilico non si taglia! Ricette siciliane in America Tre cugine siculo-americane…
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Interview with Mary Kovach about her cookbook “Don’t Cut The Basil”

It is a pleasure to inform you that our friend, colleague, and collaborator Mary Kovach has just published, together with her cousins Corrina and Angela Siciliano, a book of Italian recipes: “Don’t Cut The Basil: Five Generations of Authentic Italian Recipes.” The book, with a foreword by Ale Gambini, is available on paperback or on…
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Hallowed Be My Name, an article by Sante Matteo

I have the pleasure to include a witty and very interesting article written by Sante Matteo about the origin of his name. It’s a beautiful piece of writing and I really enjoyed reading it. Many thanks to Sante for sharing it!

The Website of the Nardella Family

I am very happy to share with you the link to the Nardella Family website: it is an amazing resource that provides stories, family pictures, and even traditional recipes. Many thanks to Gianni Rosa for sharing the link.

Italian Kitchen Royalty: Mary Kovach interviews the Italian Chef Ale Gambini

We are happy to share a link to a very interesting interview published on the ItalyUSA magazine: Mary Kovach interviews Ale Gambini, a Chef born and raised in Italy who lives and works in California. Thank you Mary!

“Birds of Passage” by Sante Matteo

I am happy to share with you a link to an article written by Sante Matteo entitled “Birds of Passage”. This is the link to the article published on the Journal River River:

Mary Kovach Interviews Aaron Caruso

Please check this link to read the interview by Dr. Mary Kovach to the Italian American singer Aaron Caruso for the ItalyUSA Magazine:

Hidden Figure Mother Cabrini

We are happy to share this article written by Dr. Mary Kovach, Associate Professor at Miami University, Commerce Department, on Francesca Xavier Cabrini, also known as Mother Cabrini, the first American citizen proclaimed saint in 1946, and Patroness of Immigrants since 1950. The article has been published in the AURCO Journal, Volume, 26, Spring 2020,…
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Coming to Dick and Jane’s America

We include the link to an article written by Dr. Sante Matteo, Professor Emeritus, Miami University. “Coming to Dick and Jane’s America” is an autobiographical account of Matteo’s childhood in the Italian town of Petrella Tifernina (Molise) and his migration to the United States of America. The article has been published on the online review…
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