Tag: Italian Americans

The Power of a Mystery

Discover the history of Italian American business, determination, and success in Hamilton, Ohio in this article featuring Brad Spurlock’s research, manager of the Smith History Library and Cummins Room at Lane Public Library.

Whistle While You Work: The Carfagna Dining Dynasty

Looking for a delectable bite to eat in the Columbus area? Hoping to experience a family-friendly atmosphere centered around the hard work of many generations? Carfagna’s Ristorante and Market is the place for you.

The Weight A Stamp Carries: History Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

Are you a stamp collector? If so, check out this article about Gerardo Perrotta, whose love of stamps led him to write his book, “Phila-Italy Americana: Italian Themes on United States Postage Stamps.”

“Two-Gun” Hart: An Italian American Cowboy

Read about Al Capone’s mysterious brother, Richard Hart, an Italian American cowboy and prohibition agent.

Another Mob Movie?

How many movies does it take to perpetuate the stereotype of Italian Americans as mobsters? Just one, but “The Wise Guys” will do it again.

The Capitoline Wolf Statue: Tying Ohio and Italy Together Since 1931

Read about the efforts the Order of the Sons and Daughters of Italy and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation are undertaking to restore Eden Park’s beloved Capitoline Wolf Statue.

America: Hidden Treasures

Read about a hidden treasure discovered in Oxford’s antique store that tied together Italy and America during a turbulent time.